The following are excerpts are from actual student evaluation forms from Steve’s prior seminars. Some of these testimonials are anonymous as providing your name on the evaluation form is optional.

“I’m amazed at how much knowledge I gained in just one day. If you’re new to the security industry, this is one class you can’t afford to miss.” — David S.

“I don’t often rave about training seminars, but this one was AMAZING! I learned lots of useful stuff. Keep up the great work, Steve!” — Mihaela G.

“This course is just what the doctor ordered for someone coming into the security industry.” — Unni K.

“Steve is passionate about cybersecurity, which made his seminar even more interesting. He did an excellent job of anticipating questions from the audience.” — Anonymous Reviewer

“This seminar has plenty of good information for individuals with little-to-no experience in the information security industry.” — Kerry H.

“Steve stayed on time and covered a lot of information in a timely way. This seminar was so helpful — particularly for someone like me coming from outside the security industry.” — Anonymous Reviewer

“Steve’s seminar was fun and informative. I personally liked Steve’s simple analogies, which I will use to teach my partners who don’t have much security experience.” — Peter C.

“Steve’s seminar was very informative. He explained all of the terms and buzz phrases well and tied them back to modern day news and current events.” — Anonymous Reviewer

“Steve is a great speaker. He’s very knowledgeable and I found the seminar to be very helpful.” — Ed L.

“I really liked the student handbook — especially the glossary in the back.” — Anonymous Reviewer

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