Success Stories

John Vecchi Headshot
John Vecchi

“I’ve never encountered a marketing firm with so much expertise.”

Kirby Wadsworth Headshot
Kirby Wadsworth

“Our CyberEdge consultant is truly an ‘A player.’ He brings a wealth of industry experience to the table.”

Jon Brody Headshot
Jon Brody

“No matter what project I throw their way, CyberEdge always hits the mark.”

Greg Barrette Headshot
Greg Barrette
Director of Demand Generation

“Going with CyberEdge for our custom book and eBook was an easy choice.”

Lisa Remsa Headshot
Lisa Remsa
Demand Generation Marketing Lead

“The animations turned out great and the voice-over script conveys the precise messages we desired.”

Joy Nemitz Headshot
Joy Nemitz
VP of Global Marketing

“It's so wonderful working with a vendor that can satisfy so many of our marketing needs.”

Darren Niller Headshot
Darren Niller
Sr. Director of Worldwide Business Marketing

“I’ve yet to come across a marketing firm with more industry expertise and bench strength.”

Tom Clare Headshot
Tom Clare
Sr. Director of Product Marketing

“In short, I’m impressed with CyberEdge.”

Greg Smith Headshot
Greg Smith
Sr. Director of Product and Technical Marketing

“I wish all of my consultants operated this way.”

Ron Gula Headshot
Ron Gula
Co-Founder & CEO

“It’s rare to find a vendor with such deep bench strength.”

Janet Matsuda Headshot
Janet Matsuda

“I’m pleased CyberEdge can serve us in so many ways.”